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Lifestyle Wellness

At Lifestyle Wellness, we are a team of professionals who provide quality health clinic care in a friendly, comfortable and caring environment. We focus on not only taking care of our patients’ health but doing so in a way that allows them to maintain a new status of health after treatment. We treat a variety of health issues within the fields of gastroenterology, endocrinology, pathology, bariatric surgery, vascular surgery, cardiology, urology, weight management and much more.

We strive to treat patients and arm them with the knowledge to continue a new healthy lifestyle after treatment. At Lifestyle Wellness, we are constantly thinking about the future of our patients and will work to incorporate those ideals into a patient’s treatment plan. The patient always comes first at Lifestyle Wellness.

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Our Team

The team at Lifestyle Wellness focuses on providing more than just quality health clinic care. We work to provide a friendly, comfortable and caring environment for our patients as well. With healthcare, many of our patients may find that visiting a typical doctor’s office is uncomfortable or intimidating. At Lifestyle Wellness, we believe that the patient’s level of comfort is another important step next to the patient’s health. We work to ensure that patients are not only comfortable when visiting our clinic but feel safe to share all health issues and hold nothing back. Our team will not judge a patient for any life choices and instead, help the patient develop a new and healthy lifestyle. Too often, patients will face uncomfortable care from another physician and have trouble really sticking with a health plan after the initial treatment. Our team offers friendly service and care to patients following treatment as well. We will also work with patients who need more than just one visit for treatment and guide them on the path to a healthy and brighter future. Lifestyle Wellness puts all aspects of a patient’s condition at the forefront of treatment. We focus on treating any health conditions in a friendly environment to provide the best treatment experience possible.

Our Services

At Lifestyle Wellness, we provide services in a number of fields including gastroenterology, endocrinology, pathology, bariatric surgery, vascular surgery, cardiology, urology, weight management and much more. Patients dealing with pain may attempt to treat it on their own or wait it out, struggling each day. We can help end the struggle by finding a solution that works. We strive to provide services that will treat the current condition of the patient and plan for a healthier future. We will start with an examination to understand where the pain is and any health issues the patient is experiencing. From there, we will work on building a treatment program that works for the patient. Along with a personalized treatment plan, we will also provide friendly services to the patient. We will make sure to keep the patient comfortable and listen to all concerns before beginning a treatment. We also offer weight management programs for any patients interested in losing weight and changing their lifestyles for the better. For more information on our services or any questions, call our clinic at 718-416-6429.

Client Information

Since 2014, we have provided patients with treatment for a variety of health conditions to help them continue on with a new healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to treat the current condition and give the patient the knowledge to continue toward a healthier future. From the moment patients walk in the door to their treatment, we strive to provide patients with a comfortable and caring environment. At Lifestyle Wellness, the comfort and feelings of the patient are important to us. We will not only provide the necessary treatments, but we will do so with the specific needs of the patient in mind. Since no single patient is exactly the same, we will help to customize the treatment as necessary. There is never a wrong question at Lifestyle Wellness. We will make sure that the patient understands the procedure, what is going to happen and the aftermath of the treatment. We will also do everything in our power to help the patient feel as comfortable as possible.