Reasons Patients Choose to Visit our Medical Center

At our medical center, we make it easy to receive medical care from a team of physicians. We have found that it is important to treat a patient's overall health and well-being, rather than only treating illness. In other words, … Continued

FAQ About Cysts and Cyst Removal

If you need a cyst removal, call our office for help right away. It is important to never try to pop a cyst on your own. Doing so can damage the skin and lead to an infection. Even though the … Continued

Medical Care Near Queens Village: Looking Beyond Traditional Treatments

We offer medical care near Queens Village for anyone who is needing to see a primary care provider or who is struggling with their health after being in an accident. Looking beyond traditional treatments Some patients visit us for medical … Continued

7 Conditions Treated by a Gastroenterologist

Visiting a gastroenterologist can be incredibly beneficial for one’s health. As a doctor who focuses on the digestive system, our level of experience is extensive. The more we understand about a particular part of the body along with the more … Continued

Facts About a Kidney Stone

A kidney stone can be terribly painful, causing discomfort at any time. Passing a kidney stone can be a truly debilitating process. Unfortunately, over 200,000 people suffer from this condition on an annual basis in the United States. We can … Continued

Bariatric Surgery Can Help with Holiday Weight Loss

If you are worried about potential weight gain this holiday season, now is an excellent time to visit our clinic and to consider bariatric surgery as a solution. While the holidays are a ton of fun, they tend to include … Continued

Minimally Invasive Surgeon for Cancer Patients

As a minimally invasive surgeon in Queens Village, we treat patients with a large variety of health conditions. Our goal is to help our patients return to good health as quickly as possible, using non-invasive means. By performing surgery in … Continued

Reasons to Visit a Health Clinic in Queens Village

Schedule an annual check-up or physical with our health clinic in Queens Village. We are on hand to make sure that your family is in optimal health through regular check-ups. Many people are not aware of how important it is … Continued

We Practice Teamwork in Our Medical Clinic

Visiting our medical clinic can be beneficial for improving your overall health and for treating specific conditions that may be taking away from your quality of life. You should not have to live feeling unwell, run down or like you … Continued

Reasons to Visit Our Health Clinic and How We Can Solve Health Problems

At our health clinic, we focus on helping people to live their best life. It is difficult for people to know when to visit a doctor or when to go to the pharmacy and treat any symptoms or ailments at … Continued